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Advent Christian Coaching

Coming along side. Growing together. Finding your path.


  Advent Christian Coaching helps develop the skills needed to move forward in your life. Its focus is particularly on encouraging and supporting those who are seeking to discern God's call on their lives; and for coming along side church planters. 


About Us

The Reverend Kathleen Adams was first ordained in 1987 and currently is a priest in the Anglican Church of North America.

With many years experience in pastoral counseling and spiritual direction, she is engaged in both  Christian Life and Church Plant coaching.

As a member of the International Healing Order of St. Luke the Physician (OSL), Kathleen has served as a chaplain, teacher, and Board member for Region VII. She recently helped coordinate and edit the first Spanish edition of the OSL Training Manual.

She served at the Christian Healing Center in Vista. California, as administrator, teacher, and prayer minister.

Pr. Kathleen recognizes the power of coaching to help people achieve their goals and experience success. Her passion is to encourage church planters through a coaching relationship. And, while it is always delightful to meet face-to-face, she has found that coaching by phone works well.

Pr. Kathleen is certified to coach by Titus Institute for Church Planting, Creative Results Management (CRM), and the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Why Coaching?

Coaching is an intentional conversation between the coach and coachee. It is designed to help the coachee discover ways to move forward with what is important in his or her life.

People choose coaching for a variety of reasons:

  • What's the next step in my life?
  • Am I supposed to go back to school?
  • What is God's plan for me?
  • How can I resolve this conflict?
  • Should I change jobs?
  • How can I better use my gifts and talents?

If this sounds like coaching might be useful for you, please check out the documents below.

What is Christian Coaching?

Am I ready for Coaching?

Please note: These documents are in a .PDF format, so you will need Adobe Reader to open them. You can download Adobe Reader for free at adobe.com/products/reader.html.

For more information about coaching, please contact us at AdventChristianCoaching@gmail.com.

What Others Say

Here are a few recommendations from our clients.

Fr. Tom Herrick, Ph.D. - Founder of Titus Institute for Church Planting

Pastor Kathleen has been a wise and caring coach who journeys with those she coaches as a pastor and a friend. I have been delighted with the way she listens, encourages and guides my church planters under her care. Her deep experience shows in the ways she is able to understand the situations they are facing and always asking the right questions to turn on the light and show the best path ahead. I endorse and highly recommend her as a coach, both to planters and those serving in established congregations.

Liz - Priest & Church Planter

Pastor Kathleen  has been patient and kind when I have cried and been weary. She has been unfailingly encouraging and thoughtful about gently steering me towards finding answers which work for my situation. When pressed she will offer good advice, but her gift has been to help me to find answers.  I was quick to ask for a second year of coaching as the first  year drew to a close. 

If it’s not yet clear - I HEARTILY endorse Kathleen as a coach. She has been, and I have no doubt, will be, an enormously strong part in our (so far!) healthy church launch. 

Jerry - Priest & Church Planter

Kathleen was my church planting coach for two years and helped me successfully navigate the issues associated with the new church. She asks the right questions, skillfully guides our discussion, and follows up faithfully with any of the work the coaching conversatwion leads me to discover. 

She has been, and continues to be, of tremendous encouragement and support. I am thankful for her invaluable insight and wisdom.

Pam - Priest & Church Planter

Scott - Priest & University Professor

Over the two years Reverend Kathleen and worked together, she faithfully served as my  church planting coach. Her coaching was invaluable, not ony for the growth of the new church plant, but for my wn persona growth spiritually and practically.

Reverend Kathleen has helped me maintain focus and think large, stretching the boundaries of my often-limited thinking. Her questions seem to come with the laser precision into the center of the present situation in a way that move me forward. God works powerfully through His presence in her ministry.

It has been a delight to have Pastor Kathleen as my ministry coach of the six months we worked together. With incredible listening skills and sensitivity to the leading of the Holy Spirit, she asks leading and open-ended questions that cause me to profoundly reflect, resulting in faithful apprenticeship to Jesus Christ. Pastor Kathleen is generous, pastoral, wise, and encouraging, qualities one needs in navigating the challenges of ministry.

Lindi - Seminarian

Pr. Kathleen's advice and coaching have been invaluable to me as I determine my life's path and make informed Christian decisions that will aid me in keeping on that path.

Betsy - Portfolio  Manager

I have been delighted with Kathleen's insightful and encouraging approach to issues in my life. I look forward to the continuation of our association in the months ahead, as well as being more than happy to recommend her to others.

Gayle - Writer & OSL Student

Pastor Kathleen started out as my instructor for the Order of St. Luke's The 26 Healing Miracles of Jesus. She had amazing insights and made leaning fun. I was prompted afterward to call her for coaching. It was one of the best calls I ever made!

She has been my coach for moving forward in my life and ministry call. She has opened my mind to many opportunities and ideas I would never have thought of. With thought provoking questions and action items, I have been encouraged to keep moving forward with God's direction. Pastor Kathleen is a very valuable coach who I highly recommend.

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